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Does a Two-Year MBA Degree Actually Take Two Years?

//Does a Two-Year MBA Degree Actually Take Two Years?
Does a Two-Year MBA Degree Actually Take Two Years? 2014-04-18T20:06:59+00:00

Does a two year MBA degree take two years to complete for the average student? It may sound as if there is an obvious question to this answer, but in actuality the answer to this question depends on a variety of factors. As a Master of Business Administration student studying to earn a graduate degree, you will cover advanced curriculum that pertains to real world situations that can happen in business. The purpose of the program is not to become a master in a specific subject, but rather an expert leader in business. There are several different program layouts that you can choose from when you are comparing MBA programs, and the layout that you choose will ultimately dictate how long you will be in school. Read on, and find out if the 2-year MBA degree will actually require you to spend 2 years studying.

The Duration of a Program Depends on the Credit Requirements

Not all MBA programs consist of the same credit requirements. The average MBA program will require students to complete a specified amount of credits during the duration of the program, usually about 35. While 35 credits may be a typical requirement, there is a lot of variation, and the requirements can range between 30 and 55 credits depending on the program and your concentration. If you take a 30 credit MBA program, you can expect to complete the program much faster than you would if you took a 55 credit program. With this being said, you should always consider the reputation of the program and how many credits that you can realistically complete each semester when you are applying to business schools.

Will You Enroll in an Part-time or Full-time Program?

Whether or not you have the time to complete a full-time program depends on your professional and personal obligations. Many MBA students are actively working in the field in which they are concentrating in. Because of this, it is not practical for working students to study full-time. If juggling a full-time work load is not practical, many schools offer extended executive programs that are specifically designed for professionals. These programs are either delivered online or during week nights and weekends. It can take more than 2 years to earn your MBA if you take a part-time program, even if the credit requirements are low. Part-time students may spend 3 to 4 years earning what is often classified as a 2-year degree.

Always Consider Accreditation First

An MBA is only as respected as the school that you earn the MBA from. Whenever you are comparing program timelines, it is important to look deeper. You need to choose a program that is well-respected and also convenient. One of the best ways to choose a program that will teach you what you need to know in business is to go for a program that is accredited by a recognized body. TheĀ Association of MBAs, also known as the AMBA, is a higher education accreditation body that sets the standards in postgraduate business education. If you want to be sure you attending a quality program, look for a school on this list.

Always do your research when selecting a school or concentration. Ironically, it can take anywhere between 12 months and 48 months to earn what is called a 2-year degree. The answer to the question “Does a two year MBA degree take two years to earn?” is not necessarily.