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How Do I Determine Which MBA Program is Right for Me?

//How Do I Determine Which MBA Program is Right for Me?
How Do I Determine Which MBA Program is Right for Me? 2014-05-12T13:08:08+00:00

With so many different MBA programs popping up, many students are asking the question “Which MBA program is right for me?”. If you are one of the many prospective students posing this question, it is time to learn how to start researching programs and which questions you should ask to evaluate all of your options. It is important to consider your tuition budget, the location of campuses and whether or not the program is accredited by a reputable accreditation body before you start to narrow down your options. Once you have started the process of elimination, here are some important questions you should get the answers to:

What Kind Of Support System is Available?

You have to consider whether you want to attend a school with a competitive student body or a collaborative one. If you are looking for a collaborative environment where students provide support for one another and give advice based on their own student experiences, you should be asking about the program’s support network. The traditional MBA program covers a wide range of business topics, from finance and marketing to accounting and HR. You are expected to become an expert in business, but to become an expert you need support during the learning experience. Find out if there is a cohort structure, and how you can access networks for study sessions.

Where is the School Located and Are Classes Available Online?

When you attend an MBA college, you will be reporting to the campus every week to attend class. If you attend an online college, you can complete the classes from the comforts of your own home. You need to consider how you prefer to complete classwork, how you like to socialize, and whether face-to-face instruction will take you further. You also need to consider the location of the school, how long your commute will take, and how much money you will spend commuting to and from school after you have reported to work for the day. Location and flexible scheduling are two very important factors to consider.

Is the Program Domestic or Is There the Option to Study from a Global Perspective?

With such a large inventory of MBA graduates to choose from, employers tend to lean towards hiring students who have attending a college from a different cultural or business perspective. If you want to gain leverage on other employees applying for a position, consider taking a program with a focus for a global perspective. You will be engaged in a program that offers an international experience so that you can use the insight you gain as a professional. This will offer you a better return on your investment when you plan to work in an organization that is in a global market.

After you find the right MBA program, it is important to become a prospective student that MBA programs want to accept. Most programs are looking for students with good academic records, high Graduate Management Admission Test scores and a passion for business. One of the biggest benefits of earning your MBA is quick employment. In fact, statistics show a 95% employment rate for MBA graduates. If you want to attain your goals, get answers to the question “Which MBA program is right for me?” and get started.

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