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What Kind of Job Can I Get With an MBA Degree?

//What Kind of Job Can I Get With an MBA Degree?
What Kind of Job Can I Get With an MBA Degree? 2014-05-22T14:52:30+00:00

Are you trying to compare all of the best jobs for MBA graduates? If you are trying to assess the value of the Master of Business Administration degree, knowing what you can do with the degree once you graduate is key. You must consider the starting salary, the title that you will hold, and how much more than a Bachelor degree holder you will earn whenever you are determining if you can earn a Return on your MBA Investment. Learn about the various types of opportunities that you can take advantage of with a practical business MBA degree, and decide if this is the path that you would like to take.

What Are the Most Popular Job Options?

Listing every job title that MBA graduates pursue once they have graduated from business school would be a daunting task, but there are several common opportunities that graduates will take advantage of. While not all MBA’s end up finding a job in business, most will wind up in the business field. Many people who graduate from business school will look for openings with Fortune 500 companies and large multi-national corporations, but it is important to know that many MBAs do wind up working for smaller companies, mid-size businesses or even non-profit organizations.

With an MBA degree, you can take the fast track lane to a mid-level or upper-level management position compared to the path that non-MBA’s must take. If you are not hired on as a manager, your chances of being promoted are much greater with your MBA. Some of the job options that you may open yourself up to with your degree include: accounting manager, CEO, Credit Analyst, Corporate Communications, Finance Manager, Hospitality Manager, HR Director, Management Consultant, PR Manager, Product Manager and Marketing Manager. The title that you will be qualified for immediately following your graduation will depend entirely on the employer’s requirements.

How Much Can You Earn With an MBA Degree?

Now that you know what types of job options the average MBA graduate will pursue, it is important to take time to learn about salaries. When you enroll in an MBA program at a legitimate business school, you need to know that you will be able to earn back the tuition you paid to attend school within the near future. If you are stuck in debt long-term because you have attended school and are not earning a high salary, this may not be the smartest route for you.

Luckily, for MBA graduates, the average salary is about $10,000 more than salaries reported for the average undergraduate degree holder in business. If you attend a second-tier MBA school, you may earn an average of $72,000 per year or more. You will also be happy to hear that, after conducting research, Businessweek has found that over a 20-year period, MBAs earn an average of $2.5 million.

If you would like to work in business and you are a born leader, earning your MBA may be the best decision you ever made. You will need to stay dedicated and motivate yourself through challenging courses, but in the end the hard work will pay off. Review all of the jobs for MBA graduates, and see if the title you would like to hold is on the list.

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