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Which Colleges Offer MBA’s Without the GRE?

//Which Colleges Offer MBA’s Without the GRE?
Which Colleges Offer MBA’s Without the GRE? 2014-04-07T21:39:44+00:00

Are you interested in finding a list of MBA colleges with no GRE testing requirements? If you are in the process of comparing MBA programs offered by reputable business schools, it is important to familiarize yourself with the application process prior to submitting your original application. As you start to compare the online and traditional business schools that offer MBA programs, you may start to notice that several of these colleges have both GPA and GRE test score requirements for students to refer to before applying. If you have waiting until close to the application submission deadline, the fact that you do not have a GRE test on file can prolong your wait to earn your MBA. If you are interested in learning which colleges may accept students without a GRE on file, read on and learn what you need to know. 

What is the GRE?

If you would like to get an advanced degree, completing a national test that assesses your competence in different areas of reasoning is a common requirement. Known as the Graduate Record Exam, the GRE is a general admissions test for graduate school applicants. Schools that require students to take the GRE will review test scores in verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning and analytical writing to assess the student’s ability to comprehend advanced curriculum and perform academically. While the GRE is a common requirement for students who want to attend accredited business schools, not all schools will consider your GRE scores during the admissions process. If you have not had the time to visit the center where the test is administered and you are close to the deadline, it may be in your interest to find schools without the requirement.

How Can You Locate Schools That Do Not Require the GRE?

Some schools understand that there are students who get anxiety even when they are skilled at reasoning. These schools tend to have much more lenient admissions requirements in terms of admissions testing. While your Grade Point Average will be a major factor in assessing your academic performance, there are currently 27 MBA colleges that are accredited by the Association for Advancement of Collegiate Schools of Business that either waive GRE requirements or publicly advertise that they have no admissions testing requirement at all. These online colleges have met the standards of the AACSB accreditor and are ranked high on the list of top business schools.

You may be wondering why a college that is AACSB accredited would accept students who do not complete the GRE. This is a legitimate question and there is also an legitimate answer. Of the colleges who have no GRE requirement, virtually all of them have serious professional requirements. On average, students who attend MBA programs at one of the 27 colleges that make the list will need to have 8 years of managerial experience. If you do not have the managerial experience, it is in your interest to take the GRE.

The idea of taking a test that could affect your ability to attend a business school can be an intimidating one. While the GRE may sound difficult, if you prepare in advance and you take the General Test, you have the ability to choose which score is submitted to MBA colleges. Determine if you meet the requirements of MBA colleges with no GRE testing, and then apply if the time is right.