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Will I be able to Juggle Full-Time Employment While Earning my MBA?

//Will I be able to Juggle Full-Time Employment While Earning my MBA?
Will I be able to Juggle Full-Time Employment While Earning my MBA? 2014-03-06T17:02:52+00:00

Juggling an MBA AND WORK at the same time is one of those accomplishments that few can pull off well. Often, when either work or study is going well, the other is falling behind. However, there are several things that students can do to be successful in their programs while still keeping their bosses happy. 

Benefits of a Part-Time MBA Program

The first thing that students should do is decide if it’s worth it to go to school while working. Some students decide that they would prefer to take time off of work in order to become a full time student. The main benefit of doing a master’s degree while maintaining a full time job is the income; those who study and work at the same time don’t miss a beat in paying their student loans. They also gain valuable work experience while they are in school, leaving them in a strong place when they graduate.

Can I Juggle an MBA and a Full Time Job?

There are some definite downsides to studying and working at the same time, and the biggest one is time. There is little time left over for a personal life or personal needs after devoting time to both work and school. Relationships may start to be stressed, since there is less time to devote to them. Finally, the added stress of doing both things at once isn’t ideal for many people. However, those students who are truly dedicated and have a plan for managing their time can become successful and happy in this situation.

Tips for Juggling MBA and Work

Time management is the key to managing a career and a degree program at the same time. make sure that your employer is aware of your studies and able to be understanding of your situation. Often, you will have to draw the line on the amount of work you can take on; your work day won’t be able to spill over into your evenings, which you will need to devote to school. Therefore, communication with your current boss is key.

A schedule helps you decide what time to spend on certain activities, and it will be necessary to stick to the routine if you want to accomplish everything in a given week. Be sure to include time for yourself, time for your friends and family, time to run errands and go grocery shopping, and all of the other activities that may come up for you in a typical week. You might find that you need to examine your priorities and cut out some of the least necessary activities.

Finally, you may need to come to terms with imperfection. Students who want to get every possible detail out of their degree programs are best advised to become a full time student. Most part time students are looking to get the benefits and knowledge out of the degree without needing to master every detail. As long as you are able to get the major points out of your program, graduate successfully, and apply some new skills to the workplace, then don’t be afraid to leave that extra hour behind for a bit of relaxation or time with friends. Find more tips for creating a good work life balance as an MBA student here.